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Bienvenidos a la web de Verema i collita
We at Verema i Collita have made available to you a tool so you can buy your wines in an easy and confortable way.

Verema and collita distributes and comercializes the top national and international market's wine brands. We have available the world's most selective list of wines and liquors.

Why verema and collita?
Because at v&c we know what we are talking about. our background and experience give us credibility.
To buy from v&c is to buy with total assurance of a guaranteed delivery.

Thru our on-line stor e you will be able to find the wines you are looking for or , if you wish, let us guide you with our selection of special offers and new buys. all in an absolutely safe enviorenment

You can also come to our store located at plaza Joanic, nr. 1, Barcelona, SPAIN.